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How Shared Website Hosting Operates

If you are searching for a cut-rate web hosting solution, the solution for you is called shared hosting.

What Is Shared Hosting?

Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
1 website hosted
30-Day Free Trial
$2.75 / month
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited websites hosted
30-Day Free Trial
$12.00 / month

Over the years, the need for hosting services has expanded hugely, but customers also like reasonable prices. The service web hosting suppliers have conceived is called shared hosting. These web hosting vendors accommodate lots of clients on one and the same web server, making sure that they do not interfere with each other by placing limitations on the server resources each shared web hosting account is permitted to utilize. This allows for both satisfactory performance and lower operating costs in contrast to a dedicated server, which is utilized by only a single individual, and permits hosting service providers to offer low prices to their customers.

What can you achieve with a shared hosting account?

The shared hosting accounts normally come with multiple web site, mail and database administration features - a web hosting CP, a File Manager interface, an FTP software client, a phpMyAdmin interface, and typically webmail - to check your email box accounts. At phity Hosting, we provide all these tools at attractive rates. We offer both monthly and annual invoicing options and also offer a cheap domain name registration with each of our shared web hosting plans. You can also administer everything from one single location with us - our intuitive hosting Control Panel offers all the functionalities you need to administer your web files, DNS records, register and renew more domains, set up email accounts and email aliases, enable e-mail forwarding and automatically configure your e-mail software client. How many domains you can host in your shared hosting account is dependent on the hosting plan you have, but traffic and server storage space are unlimited - you are solely restricted when it comes to the CPU allocation and the number of hosted domain names.


Beside all the conventional features, it is extremely essential when the website hosting supplier makes sure that your data is safe. Hence, the availability of periodic backups is obligatory and you should make certain in advance if the host of your choosing is offering such. We perform day-to-day backups and maintains backups for the last seven days. The backup encompasses your web files and databases and to have it repaired, you have to touch base with our tech support staff. They reply in less than one hour, so if you deleted those website files by accident - do not chicken out, hope still lives!